Former industries leave behind a profound cultural heritage that determines future development options. But how can we take advantage of these assets? What actions have to be taken to optimally employ industrial heritage in the economic and social transition of old-industrial regions? Are we shifting from industrial heritage to heritage industries?



Valorizing industrial heritage as a leverage for new economic activity: how to upcycle old industrial premises, infrastructure, man-made landscape, traditions and skills for new purposes;

Valorizing industrial heritage as a cultural connecting theme in a region: how to reshape the social and cultural determining factor of industrial culture / Industriekultur to a bearer of a new identity for the region;

Valorizing industrial heritage as an authentic touristic experience: how to connect and foster bigger and smaller actors in heritage tourism in order to achieve high quality tourist experiences and appreciations;

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Wim Dries

Experiences with redevelopment of industrial sites
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Mike Robinson

The Possibilities of Emptiness: Working with the Echoes of Industrial Culture
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Adam Hajduga

Relinking Sites and Communities of Industrial Regions in Post-Modern Times
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European Perspectives

Europe is the cradle of industrialization worldwide. Protection and use of industrial heritage have become a topic of relevance to Europe in recent years.

Due to the work of various national, international and European networks and initiatives, the awareness of the importance of industrial culture among decision makers and the public is significantly higher today than a few years ago.

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