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EU support for tourism and industrial heritage.
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Added value of transnational cooperation for preserving and valorising culture.
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Podium discussion on a European strategy for the promotion of industrial heritage


Prof. Dr. Helmuth Albrecht (T.U. Freiberg)

Panel experts to be announced soon.



Europe is the cradle of industrialization worldwide. Protection and use of industrial heritage have become a topic of relevance to Europe in recent years. Due to the work of various national, international and European networks and initiatives, the awareness of the importance of industrial culture among decision makers and the public is significantly higher today than a few years ago. Nevertheless, valuable industrial monuments in Europe are still often seen as obstacles to economic and spatial development and not recognized as character-giving elements of a sustainable urban development. Even intangible facets of industrial culture are affected by this ambivalent perception.

Together with European networks and stakeholders a European strategy for the promotion of industrial heritage was developed. It is a proposal for the further elaboration and implementation of the resolution 1924 (2013) “Industrial Heritage in Europe” of the Council of Europe. The paper sets out with describing the high relevance of industrial heritage in today´s Europe. It focusses on three topics:

· Better protection and the careful reuse of industrial heritage,

· More intensive collaboration and cooperation between the actors and

· Encouraging the perception change.


Helmuth Albrecht was born in Germany and studied Electrical Engineering, Physics and History at the Technical University of Braunschweig. He holds a Ph.d. in History and a Habilitation in History of Science and Technology. Today he teaches History of Technology and Industrial Archaeology, and is the Director of the Institute for Industrial Archaeology, History of Science and Technology at the Technical University “Mining Academy” of Freiberg. He is a member of several heritage and culture institutions, amongst others TICCIH (Board of Directors) and ICOMOS Germany

In the podium, acknowledged heritage and culture experts will discuss the contents of the strategy as well as next steps to be taken for implementation.